Crystal Palace (H) 17/18

Crystal Palace (H) 17/18
Saturday 21st October 2017

Wor Flags, formerly known as Gallowgate Flags, is trying to continue in a similar vain to previous: Creating respectable displays that inspire fellow fans to generate an atmosphere that makes St James’ Park a fortress. By being the cliché “12th man” we hope to push the team to victory and ultimately make the match day experience more enjoyable for all.

However, our direction has slightly changed, with the use of more hand-made banners and one off displays now coming into play. Said banners are proving to be more financially viable but members are subsequently investing more of their own time to produce them. Under the name Gallowgate Flags we focused on providing high quality flags that were professionally made, thus providing a platform to complete numerous displays and a basis to work from, saving members time.

It is at this stage that we feel it is only right to thank the efforts of Alex and Michael of True Faith, particularly on the fundraising side of the group. The ability to reach out to the wider fan base via their fanzine / group and fundraise through quizzes and such like really provided a springboard to make the group successful. This has resulted in the group growing and evolving – hopefully into a bigger and better animal.

Nevertheless, this weekend saw Newcastle play their third, home, Saturday 3 O’clock kick-off of the season and playing host to the Eagles of Crystal Palace.

Palace: Off to a bad start on the pitch, but continuing off the pitch to make a name for themselves in the stands. Renowned for their Holmesdale Fanatics ; a similar group to that of our own, we felt it was important to go into this fixture with something new and fresh, so to show what we are capable of. Their group is to be admired, demonstrating support that should be found at each ground rather than relying on away fans to generate an atmosphere.

Newcastle: Continuing to show fight, desire and hunger both in the stands on the field of play and as such this was the message of the afternoon – dispelling myths generated by the ill-educated media.

Wor Flags began their day at the North Terrace along with like-minded fans who went for a sing song and to generate a pre-match atmosphere. The North Terrace providing some good ales to lubricate the vocal chords and also the space to house some of the flags for the walk to the ground.

Said walk takes fans from Claremont Road, down towards the stadium via Leazes Park, before hitting Strawberry Place, snowballing, and gathering pace with the intention of hitting the ground with maximum impact.

Upon entering the ground the displays and atmosphere escaladed with the now very-recognisable Benitez taking centre stage once again, only this time with his right-hand man, Jamaal Lascelles joining him. Such is the message from the club at playing and supporting level, we are indeed United. This was echoed in the hand painted statements that flanked the centred fan-favourites.

A striking display with strikeout’s for those words that have become attached to Newcastle United. May it be lazy or greedy players or club representatives or alleged deluded fans at a club in crisis, none of this is synonymous with Rafael Benitez’s Newcastle United, and this was reflected in the  end result, and that is what it’s all about…having pride once again in a club that doesn’t necessarily win, but always tries.

If you haven’t already, please consider donating to future displays by clicking the link below, every single penny we raise goes towards future displays.*
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