125 Years of NUFC

Yesterday marked the 125th anniversary of Newcastle United FC, coinciding with our match against Leceister, Wor Flags prepared our biggest display to date.

Our 125 display planning started before we’d even finished the FIGHT HUNGER DESIRE UNITED display, before our Rememberance Day banner, we knew for such an important occasion in the clubs history, we needed to start early and do something the city and geordies across the world could be proud of.

As with all our displays, we started off with throwing ideas at each other in our group chat.


Once we’ve decided on an idea, in this case the main focal point was the newspaper headlines, we start playing about with designs and how it could look in the Gallowgate. Here’s an early concept we had.

Then this happened…

and this…

and this…

Which is enough to get anyone’s juices flowing… After some debate, we agreed that this sort of display isn’t currently possible as it wouldn’t be easily poled up and held in place, so we agreed to pick 10 headlines and make them into flags which could be held by 3 people.

On top of headlines, we wanted to do more further back and we played with ideas for a new surfer and incorporating the Fortiter Defendit Triumphans from our early crest. Here’s some mockups…

In the end we decided to do 2 banners, one with Fortiter Defendit Triumphans on with the history of crests between words and one with Newcastle United Will Never Be Defeated alongside a separate surfer yet to be designed.

Back to headlines, we had to choose which ones to go with and we had a lot to choose from.

We chose 10, edited them so they were suitable for large scale printing and sent the request to our printers. Our next task was to design a new surfer but one that wouldn’t surf… Something to be held still in the centre of the gallowgate, we decided on using our famous magpie.

The big day arrives and in the morning we get to St James Park bright and early to get all of the flags, banners, surfers etc needed and lay them out in the approx positions. Afterwards, it’s time for breakfast then ready for MONO (our pre-match bar) and the corteo to the stadium that follows.

At the ground we all have a good idea of where we are needed, which flag we’re on and the timings. With the 125, it was so much bigger and we needed a lot more people than in previous displays, for this reason we drew up a plan, printed it out and had a couple of copies to hand across the different levels.  I’ve removed peoples names for anonymity but you can get the idea from the image below.

And we end up with..

Thanks for taking the time to read, we hope you’ve found it interesting. If you’d like to get involved you can do so in a few ways:

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