Scarf Update

Good afternoon all,

First of all I’d like to personally thank every single one of you for supporting our displays, we couldn’t put on any of the displays we’ve done so far without the generosity of the Newcastle fan-base.

This is another update to anyone who has pre-ordered a scarf. When we put these on the website for pre-order we had an estimate delivery date to us of the end of March so we estimated they’d be shipped to you by the 6th April.

Unfortunately our scarf manufacturer had some issues on their end and delayed the production of both scarves. We are frustrated with this but it’s currently out of our hands. The latest update we’ve had from the manufacturer is that they’ll be with us next week.

We will continue to put these updates out on our website and will now also email everyone with updates so you’re all kept well in the loop as I know most won’t check our website often.

Again, I’d like to pass on our gratitude to everyone who has ordered from us and we will ship these out as soon as we possibly can.

If anyone has any further queries, please don’t hesitate to email us using the contact form.

Thank you.

Wor Flags / Wor Hyem 1892

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