Dear Mr Ashley

Further to Wor Flags giving backing to The Magpie Group and joining in unity with fellow fans and supporter organisations, there is belief that enough is enough. Wor Flags would like to place on record that we will continue to provide visual displays to encourage and support Rafa and the lads but it is time for Mike Ashley to move on from Newcastle United.

We believe in supporting the team throughout the game and will continue our work from the last two seasons to ensure a positive atmosphere inside St James’ Park.

31st July 2018

Dear Mr. Ashley,

You hold the hopes, expectations and fate of all Newcastle United fans in your hands. It has been over ten years
of broken promises, lies and deceit. Two relegations, the embarrassment of Joe Kinnear and everything before,
after and in between. Surely now – enough is enough?

Over the last six months a number of meetings and discussions have taken place between many Newcastle fan
groups and organisations. We now all come together under one banner, The Magpie Group, and we are united in
our common desire for Newcastle United to be a club to be proud of at the heart of our local community.
In May 2015 you said “from this day forward we will be making our own luck.” These empty words have not been
backed up with actions and relegation, once again, soon followed. It is clear now that it is in the best interests of
both you and the future of Newcastle United that the club is sold.

We cannot speculate on the terms of takeover talks but we know from credible sources that talks have taken
place and bids have been made. We cannot comment on the factors which must be taken into account in order to
value the club but a number of things are now clear.

The new TV deal has been agreed and Newcastle United is in need of a major rebuilding project, from urgently
required investment in the first team playing squad, to the need for significant investment to bring the club’s
training facilities and academy up to an acceptable standard following over ten years of neglect on your watch.
If one word could sum up Newcastle United it is potential. A potential you have no interest in. We now have a
world class manager in Rafa Benitez who has united the fans for the first time in a long time, but this alone is not
enough to counteract chronic neglect and under-investment under your ownership.

We need an owner that is prepared to back Rafa Benitez, not only by investing properly in the playing squad but
by backing him to deliver the widespread change needed throughout the club from training ground to academy.
An owner who is not prepared to just release a manager invested in the club, city and community, when the
opportunity arises.

If you cannot attract a buyer that meets your valuation then you must understand that this is because of the
significant amount of investment now required to restore our football club to what it should be.

We have seen the reaction to the #IfRafaGoesWeGo movement and this has acted as a catalyst to bring the
wider fan base together. We are all united in that we will do anything we can, both as groups and together as a
fan base, to drive through a change in ownership.

Over to you, Mike. You have already admitted you are not the man to take the club forward. It is time to sell up
and go.

You are only one man. We are a city.

We are United.
The Magpie Group

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  1. Absolutely fantastic & it would be an honour if i could join the Magpie Group. I too have been angered & left worried about the immediate future of the club & beyond.
    So much so i have sent local MP
    Chi Onwurah an email basically saying that Mike Ashley has no legal right to withhold the TV money from Rafa & that the FA & TV should investigate. Without accusing Mr. Ashley of any wrong doing.

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