Finance Update November 2018


CategoryMerch IncomeMerch ExpenseDonationsDisplay Expense
Amount£540.85£362.74£63.00 £465.52

Total Income: £603.85
Total Outgoings: £828.26


  • Phone case for a customer order.
  • Black material for display
  • Foils for display (black and white)
  • White material for display
  • Card reader device for festive fayre (since refunded as was faulted)
  • 9 metre poles for display
  • More mugs for customer orders
  • Stationary for festive fayre (cork board, pens, cash book, receipt pad etc)

We paid for some NUFC related leaflets back in September 2018 which will be paid back in full at a later date, I said I’d keep people updated when they have been paid back, I will update a future finance blog post to alert when this has been paid back.

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