Flag Displays

Back in Black and White

(NUFC V Tottenham 2017/18)

Spanish message to Rafa

(NUFC V Liverpool 2017/18)

Taken from Rafa’s stint at Valencia, the message here is pretty simple: we are always with you. We’ve got your back, Rafa. This was the first attempt we had made at doing a hand painted banner and we reckon it went alright. A lot of effort went into making this – the look on Rafa’s face made that definitely worthwhile!

Fight, Desire, Hunger, United

(NUFC V Crystal Palace 2017/18)

The national press are never short of a few pointed comments about Newcastle, and that usually involves something about us as fans too. Despite what they might like to write, we thought we had some better words to sum up our team under Rafa and the support coming from the stands. This is also when we introduced our Lascelles flag in the same style as our Rafa flag – captain and manager, united.

We Are United on Eldon Gardens Car Park Roof

We Are United on Tyne Bridge

125 Year Anniversary Display

(NUFC v Leicester 2017/18)

How to get 125 years of Newcastle United history in to one display? This is definitely one of our biggest displays to date, with well over 100 volunteers on match day making this happen. 10 headlines from throughout the clubs incredible history at the forefront of this, with Monty and some banners behind. Newcastle United Will Never Be Defeated. Fortiter Defendit Triumphans. The spirit of our club.

Fortiter Defendit Triumphans

(NUFC v Manchester City 2017/18)

We originally made this banner of the club’s moto for the 125 display above but as there was so much going on we didn’t think it got the recognition it deserved so we gave it it’s own display!

Kevin Keegan Quote

(NUFC v Burnley 2017/18)

You don’t need us to tell you that it’s not exactly been smooth sailing in recent years. Despite having one of the greatest managers this club has ever seen, the same mistakes are still being made. We thought we’d let the words of another great manager – King Kev – do the talking for us. Don’t ever give up on your club…

Foil Display, UNITED

(NUFC v Southampton 2017/18)

We are always looking to try new and different things. For our first attempt at making use of black and white foils, we wanted to simply spell something clear out in the Gallowgate. UNITED seemed to do the trick. Look out for some more foil displays in coming seasons.

Cock Of The North

(NUFC v Arsenal 2017/18)

A display that caused a slight meltdown across media, with some presenters not knowing how to comentate over the banner. Other users across social media not aware of the famous NUFC fans chant “We are the Geordies, The cock of the north, we all hate Sunderland and Boro of course, and Leeds! We all drink whiskey and Newcastle Brown! The Geordie boys are in town!”. Yes, we did know before hand someone could photoshop an S on the end, and no it didn’t stop us for a second.

Where There Is Unity, There Is Always Victory + Foil Display, STRIPES

(NUFC v Chelsea 2017/18)

It’s been an up and down season, but we wanted to end with a clear message of unity not just to Rafa, but to every player who had given so much for the shirt this year. No matter what frustrations may have been evident at some points through the season, no one can question the attitude and commitment of this team. This was also the largest banner we have produced to date – stretching the length of the Gallowgate, and with 13,000 black and white foils filling the Gallowgate as a backdrop, this was a huge undertaking, but one that was absolutely worth it. Now on to next season!

Some of the Team behind Wor Flags

(NUFC v Chelsea 2017/18)

Not everyone is in this photo but a lot of the people in this photo make the magic happen, long shifts pre-match, full weekends tidying/painting/planning.