How To Help

Help us build a black and white wall


We want to keep matching the displays we’ve produced so far. To do that, we will be looking to restock some items that need replaced through wear and tear, alongside buying the material needed to continue producing banners and other displays through the season. Our first priority is to stock up on the black and white wavers that have become a permanent fixture in the Gallowgate in the last two seasons. A new stock of these flags will allow us to put on a “black and white day” display early in the new season. Additional money raised will go towards material for banners, and perhaps a new surfer flag to replace the “WE ARE UNITED” flag that is showing the battle damage of the last two seasons. As ever, every penny donated or spent in our online shop will go towards continuing to do what we do.

If you have any ideas for other displays that we could try through the season get in touch at or through facebook or twitter

How to help

None of what we do is possible without either the unbelievably generous donations from our fellow fans, or the involvement of fans in the Gallowgate on match days. For so many of our displays through the season we have relied on the help of people on match days to hold poles on banners and wave the flags. More than anything that we do behind the scenes, it is that help that has made this successful. Our 125th Anniversary Display, for example, involved over 100 volunteers helping with the various flags and banners, an incredible effort from everyone who took part. If you would like to get involved in helping through the coming season here are some things you can do.

Match day help

If you would like to help out on match days then get in touch with us at or through either our facebook or twitter pages. Depending on what our plans are for each match, there will be different ways to help out. By getting in touch we can let you know where your help would be most needed. Alternatively, look out for us on match days. Come and talk to any of us setting up the flags and ask to get involved.

Help shape the future of Wor Flags

As a group we are always delighted to bring new members on board, to help us plan future displays and help produce ideas for the groups work going forward. The best way to do this is to first get in touch about helping us out on a match day, or by coming along to one of our new volunteers’ sessions through the season.

Donations and merchandise

Outside of helping out at matches themselves, we continue to rely on the donations from our fellow fans to keep this going. Check out ways that you can donate or set up a direct debit here or have a look at buying some merchandise from our online shop. Every penny from all of this goes back in to producing future displays.

Sign Up as a Flag Waver

Use the form below to sign up as a flag waver and we will place a flag on your seat for applicable displays. Please let us know if you are a season ticket holder or not so we know whether to put a flag out repeatedly or just the once.


    Our flag displays couldn’t happen without the generosity of our supporters, the NUFC fans. Please help us grow and continue the movement by donating.