Singing Section

The singing section is located in Block V, upper tier of the Gallowgate end. As a group we are all committed to bringing the noise back to St James’.

We believe that a positive atmosphere has a direct positive impact on the team, which has been proved in the early parts of the season. We are growing louder as each game comes and we urge people to join us singing no matter where in the ground they are. Our website has a chants section which we are continuing to expand and keep up to date with current chants so if you don’t know the words to one of the chants, head over and learn!

Block V is full of likeminded fans who have a lot of love for their team, it is ringing with positivity and everyone gets behind Rafa and the lads. We want to be the twelfth man.

We hope to keep on growing until we have a black and white wall cheering on Rafa’s mags.

For information on how to move to Block V Singing Section, please contact us.