Wor Flags goal is straightforward: to create displays at St James’ Park that are worthy of this great club. Since forming out the previous group, Gallowgate Flags, we have tried to keep outdoing ourselves with each display. In the space of last season alone we have created some memorable banner displays, put together foil displays for the first time and added numerous new flags to our collection. These range from simple, smaller black and white flags, to designs based on some classic shirts from past seasons, through to the huge surfer flags that have become so iconic. Not to mention our Rafa and Lascelles flags.

To check out photos of our displays, you can visit our displays page or our gallery here.

None of this would be possible without the support of our fellow fans. If you’d like to get involved then have a look at the how to help page, or contact us here.

Every penny that we make from the products on our online shop also goes into funding future displays. We’re also happy to give advice if you are looking to design/make a flag of your own.

You can also give donations towards future displays either as a one off donation, or by setting up a direct debit. Everyone committing to a direct debit will receive a free mini flag in the post. Check out all the details here.

Wor Flags is affiliated with Wor Hyem 1892 . Wor Hyem are dedicated to creating an incredible atmosphere inside St James’ Park. To read about the singing section, safe standing campaigns and more please click here to visit their website.