Our Goal

Wor Flags goal is straightforward - to create displays at St James’ Park that are worthy of this great club. We will achieve this in the following ways:

  • Hundreds of black and white hand-held waver flags
  • Larger custom design one and two poler waver flags
  • Large text banners featuring messages of support
  • Foils, surfers and custom tifos

Our History

  • 2016Gallowgate Flags Founded

    Gallowgate Flags was founded in 2016 following Newcastle's second relegation to uplift the stadium's atmosphere.
  • 2016Wor Hyem 1892 Founded

    Wor Hyem 1892 was created with the aim of bringing back the noise to St James' Park hoping to get like minded individuals all pulling together in the same direction and aiming for a singing section in St James' Park. This was achieved in 2017 with the formation of Gallowgate's Block V.
  • 2017Merged to Wor Flags

    Gallowgate Flags and Wor Hyem 1892 joined forces to become the current day Wor Flags combing stunning flag displays with the movement for bringing back the atmosphere in St James' Park. A match made in the toon.
  • 2019Hiatus / Boycott

    After another year of poor relations between club and fans, Wor Flags along with thousands of other season ticket holders decided enough was enough and to boycott St James' Park until Mike Ashley left the club.
  • 2021Return to St James' Park

    The takeover finally went through after what had felt like a lifetime under MA and with that, our pledge to stay away until Ashley was gone was complete.


Wor Flags is a strong supporter of the NUFC Fans Foodbank and regularly organises fundraisers for local North East charities.


Wor Flags have long been supporters of safe standing and look forward to the day it can be implemented in St James' Park.